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In this article, we’re privileged to glean insights from none other than ‘Butter’, Australia’s top wedding baker. Known for crafting confectionary masterpieces that elevate love stories to new heights, our expert offers invaluable tips and trends straight from the heart of the wedding cake scene.

What are the significant trends in wedding cakes right now?

The most significant trend at the moment is experimenting with non-traditional shapes. My favourite is the long cake, but there are so many exciting shapes out there now – short & wide tiers, domed cakes, and croquembouche-inspired shapes are all seen at weddings.

Buttercream piping is also having a resurgence. The vintage style has been huge for a while now, but different techniques are being adapted in a more modern style, like entire cakes covered in piped ruffles or flowers.

My prediction for the next big thing is meringue – whether it’s baked meringue details, torched meringue coverings or creations sculpted entirely from meringue, we’ll see it start to take off this year.

What makes a beautiful wedding cake?

The cake designs I gravitate to the most are not overcomplicated. They can still be very grand, but they’re simple in that they focus on only one or two design elements and let those shine. It can be a texture, a flower, or a shape, but they use that element to capture attention and draw the eye around the design, creating movement and interest. If there’s too much going on, it can become busy and overwhelming, and you lose that WOW moment.

What are your favourite colour palettes for wedding cakes?

Most of my favourite cakes have been an all-white colour palette but add depth through different textures and mediums. White is so classic, bridal and elegant, but it doesn’t have to be boring if there are layers to the design to add interest.

That said, I’m also very partial to adding pops of colour with exciting florals! 432518873 1021673665959498 2986205005333774326 n 1080

Can you recall the most memorable wedding cake you’ve ever created?

One of my most memorable cakes was for a couple named Dom and Nick. The cake itself was beautiful, a three-tiered, textured square cake with wafer paper sales, but it was also the work of all the other vendors – the stylist, the florist, the planner and the venue – that came together to create a stunning moment. The cake was surrounded by an incredible floral nest and presented in the middle of the room. The couple did their cake cutting as part of their reception entrance, so it was the centrepiece of one of the big moments of their day. It highlighted the importance of having a whole team of creatives working together to create those exceptional moments.


How would you describe your dream wedding cake?

The cake is about joy and bringing people together to celebrate your special moments. I want to create cakes that are an experience for you and your partner to share with your guests. My dream cake would be a vast format style cake that the couple can have fun with in an interactive way, like a dusting ceremony, and then invites everyone to gather around and help themselves to a slice.

Regarding a wedding cake, what tips can you offer brides-to-be?

My two biggest tips are choosing a cake designer whose style you love and remembering to style around your cake.

If you trust your cake designer’s style, they’ll be able to work with you to create a unique cake that aligns with your vision for your day. Even if you have only vague ideas about the look and feel of your day, the right designer can translate them into the edible medium of cake.

Even a little styling can transform your cake from something neglected in the corner into a real showpiece that elevates your reception decor. Whether it’s draping on the table, some repurposed florals or a suitable cake stand, considering how your cake will be presented makes all the difference.

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How far in advance should a bride order her wedding cake?

This depends on your chosen cake designer and their booking process. I don’t take bookings more than 12 months in advance, but I know plenty of cake designers who do. I recommend reaching out to someone as soon as you know you’d like to work with them, and they can let you know their process, e.g. I have a waitlist for anyone who enquires ahead of time, and they are the first to be notified when bookings open so they don’t miss their chance to secure their spot.

Are there any new flavours you’d recommend?

Cake designers often take a long time to develop their recipes as they need to be sure they can meet the structural demands of a tiered cake. Because of this, you don’t often see new trending flavours come and go quickly for wedding cakes. When designing my flavours, I like to always keep in mind hitting the right balance between all the elements – the cake, buttercream and fillings – in terms of both texture and flavour, as well as making them exciting but also appealing to a wide range of people (we’re serving a crowd at the end of the day).

One thing I’d recommend to couples when choosing their cake flavours is to keep in mind the other food they’re serving. If you’re having a vibrant main meal, perhaps a lighter, fruity cake would be a nice end, or a decadent chocolate cake could hit the spot at the night’s end for a cocktail wedding.

My favourite cake flavour is brown butter! It has a lovely toasted, almost caramelised nutty flavour and tastes decadent without being too heavy.

With insights from Butter Australia’s Top Wedding Baker, embark on your bridal journey with invaluable wisdom and inspiration as you navigate the enchanting world of wedding cakes. See more cakes here.

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