The Art of Creative Cohesiveness

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When you envision your wedding day, every element — from the delicate lace of your gown to the last dance under twinkling lights — tells a part of your story. Achieving a harmonious atmosphere that echoes your style is both an art and a practical undertaking. Let’s explore how to craft a wedding day that’s as seamless as it is stunning.

The Role of a Wedding Stylist

In the patchwork of wedding planning, a stylist is your thread of consistency, weaving together the myriad of details into a cohesive tapestry. They offer an unbiased eye and a steady hand to balance your desires with the art of the possible, ensuring that each element sings in tune with your vision. For those who find solace in creativity, a stylist transcends the supplier role to become a collaborator in crafting your narrative.

Embracing 2024/2025 Trends

The latest trends are steering weddings away from traditional paper seating charts to more sustainable linen options, which are both budget-friendly and stylish. Textures and metallics are in vogue, with food being creatively used as decorative elements. Consider opting for a single striking piece, like a rose frozen in a block of ice, to elevate your styling.

Spotlight on One Martini, Please and One Mimosa, Please

Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Alex, Founder of One Mimosa Please, who has just launched a sister business, One Martini Please, Stationery. Their unique styling approach adds a touch of sophistication and creativity to weddings, ensuring each detail is as memorable as it is beautiful. At our recent shoot with One Martini Please, we witnessed firsthand their innovative use of styling elements:

  • Ice Rose Sculpture: Alex from One Martini Please crafted a stunning rose frozen in a block of ice, creating a striking centrepiece that adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the setting.
  • Creative Food Styling: Alex incorporated food as decorative pieces, showcasing how edible elements can enhance the visual appeal of your wedding decor.
  • Metallic Fabrics: Using metallic fabrics, she introduced textures that catch the light and add a luxurious feel to the overall ambience.

The Visual Blueprint

Creating a mood board is your visual compass. It groups inspirations by wedding day segments, from the ceremony to the reception. This process refines your vision, ensuring relevance and resonance with each piece of your wedding puzzle.

Working with a Wedding Stylist vs. DIY

While the allure of DIY is undeniable because of its personal touch, it demands a meticulous approach. Budgeting for DIY isn’t just about financial costs; it’s about the currency of time and energy. Be judicious in what you take on—ensure it’s achievable and enjoyable.

Budgeting with a Stylist

Engaging a stylist introduces financial clarity through professional budgeting. They understand the art of allocation, ensuring your investment is maximised and your vision realised. They are guardians of your budget, steering it towards the most impactful elements.

The Day Of Setting the Stage

On the wedding day, the stylist’s role becomes tangible. They orchestrate the setup, ensuring each element is a note in harmony. If you’ve chosen DIY elements, consider logistics carefully. Delegate with care, ensuring your loved ones are guests first and assistants second.

The Aftermath: Reflection and Recovery

Post-celebration, a stylist’s service extends to clearing the stage they meticulously set. Alternatively, the DIY approach may require you to return the following day, a task that can be taxing after the pinnacle of your festivities.


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