Natasha Oakley’s Capri Affair: Celebrating Italian Summer with Amore in the Air

tash + theo vogue

In the magical and sun-kissed setting of Capri, Natasha Louise Oakley, the visionary CEO and founder of Monday Swimwear and The Pilates Class, joined hands with Theodore Steven Chambers, the brilliant mind behind Shore Financial, to embark on a journey of love and matrimony. Their love story began on the enchanting island, a chance encounter that ignited a spark and blossomed into an enduring romance.

tash + theo vogue

“We decided on a super clean look, I wanted to feel young and fresh for the ceremony and slightly sexier and more elegant for the reception.”

Theodore’s proposal was a moment of sweet intimacy on the balcony of one of their cherished Capri hotels, sealing their love amidst the captivating beauty of the sea. With Capri holding such sentimental value in their hearts, the couple knew it was the perfect destination for their wedding, where they could embrace the feeling of love and the timeless elegance it brings.

tash + theo vogue

“For my Steven Kahill wedding dress, he and I designed the dress to be so much more than a classic lace wedding dress. We chose hand embroidery that would glisten in the sun with the shapes of coral and lines reminiscent of the sea, covered by traditional lace and paired with a long lace veil. For our bridal party, we went for classic black tie. I designed the shape for each bridesmaid’s dress. I have worn Micheal Lo Sordo’s design many times and always felt like the sexiest most feminine version of myself so I knew he had to be the one to design my second look. He hand draped and fit this beautiful silk fabric to my body over multiple fittings and chose white silk dresses for all of my bridesmaids to match.”

The theme and style of their wedding day were curated with the utmost care, focusing on the picturesque locations and the sensory experiences that would evoke a profound sense of love. The Caesar Augustus Hotel, perched atop one of Capri’s highest cliffs, was an easy choice for their ceremony, with its lush greenery and historic charm. The love for gardening and history that the couple shares made this venue an actual dream come true.

tash + theo vogue

“Our ceremony venue, The Caesar Augustus Hotel, was one of the most breathtaking and beautiful locations I have ever seen.”

For their reception, they selected Il Riccio, a renowned beach club and restaurant, to bestow their guests with breathtaking coastline views as they danced the night away with a European club vibe. A bouzouki player sets the perfect mood, capturing the essence of the couple’s Greek connection and adding an authentic touch to the celebration.

The wedding attire reflected Natasha’s impeccable taste and collaboration with two cherished Australian designers, Steven Kahill and Michael Lo Sordo. The wedding dress, a masterpiece designed by Steven Kahill, was far from the ordinary; hand embroidery resembling coral and ocean waves shimmered under the sun, creating an ethereal aura. The bridesmaids, each an extension of Natasha, donned elegantly designed gowns, which they changed into later in the evening to match the reception’s ambience.

tash + theo vogue

Accessories played an integral role in Natasha’s ensemble, with Jimmy Choo shoes, a Rubeus Milano handbag, Natasha Schewitzer earrings and exquisite Bulgari diamonds adding a touch of timeless sophistication to her look.

“Marina and I had a lot of fun selecting accessories to go with the amazing looks we designed for the events, we knew we wanted them to be very classic, pieces that would never date.” For my handbag, we went with Rubeus Milano, a brand Devin and I discovered on our trip leading up to the wedding in London. For my jewelry, I wore a simple double pearl earring and my engagement ring for the ceremony, keeping this look pulled back and refined. For the reception, we went all out with stunning diamonds from Bulgari, my favorite high-end jewelry brand.”

Her makeup, artfully done by Charlotte Tilbury’s team, exuded a golden goddess glow. At the same time, Alessandro Rebecchi, the talented hair stylist, crafted two distinct updos that complemented each moment of the day.

tash + theo vogue

Among the many cherished memories, a standout moment was holding Theo during the fireworks as the crowd joyously sang “New York, New York.” Their friends and family’s love and energy elevated the celebration, creating unforgettable memories to be cherished forever.

Throughout the Bridal Journey, every detail was carefully crafted to reflect the couple’s love story. From the intricate sketches of the venues on the reception menus to the white parasols and fans for the guests, every element spoke volumes about the couple’s connection to Capri and their Australian roots.

tash + theo vogue

“Working with my favourite Australian designers to custom design my wedding dresses made the experience even more meaningful.”

Natasha Oakley’s Bridal Journey was a love letter to the Italian summer, a tale of romance and elegance set against the breathtaking backdrop of Capri. As the sun set on their magical celebration, the world witnessed the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, and their love story will remain etched in the hearts of all present, forever capturing the essence of love, beauty, and pure happiness.

tash + theo vogue

“The day following the wedding was our day of recovery. We chose one of our favorite spots on the island, La Fontelina Beach Club, and hired this exclusively for the entire day.”

“Throughout the day, the love and energy from our friends and family made us feel incredibly blessed and grateful. Looking back, our wedding in Capri was a fairytale adventure filled with love, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime.”

White Book

Date of when you first met: November 3, 2018

Proposal date: July 6, 2022

Wedding date: June 30, 2023

Venue: Hotel Caesar Augustus 

Photography: La Dichosa

Dress/attire: Summer Black Tie

Rings: Protea Diamonds

Hair (by):  Alessandro Rebecchi

Makeup (by): Sam Tsan, Charlotte Tilbury 

Fragrance: Le Labo, Lys 41

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Partner’s attire: P Johnson

Cake: Italian Millefoglie

Bridal Party attire: Steven Kahill and Michael Lo Sordo

Flower girl or page boy outfits: NA

Music: Gabriele Silvestri (DJ) & Marco Ruggiero (Saxophone)

First dance: Just the Way You Look Tonight, Frank Sinatra

Flowers: Capri Blossoms

Catering: Il Riccio Anacapri

Invitations: Xela Studio

Wedding planner: Capri Moments

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The Bride:
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