Inside her Italian-inspired celebration, to her rise as one of the most sought-after event planners in Sydney.

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By Molly Smith.

Meet Laice Bollen (formerly Jurevics), the familiar face we all loved from her role as National visual merchandiser at General Pants Co. Fast forward nearly eight years, and LB has journeyed through a series of remarkable clients and events, establishing herself as one of Sydney’s most in-demand event-planners. Her untapped knowledge leaves her coveting a portfolio as the creative behind some of Australia’s most googled weddings, such as Model Georgia Fowler, Zimmerman Designer Georgia Boniface and Fashion Designer Lillian Khallouf. 

While Laice and Doug tied the knot in 2019 at the iconic Hopewood House, their wedding marked a pivotal moment for Laice as she uncovered her passion for creative expression in the realm of wedding and event planning. 

We interview Laice to hear what significant moments made up the journey to reaching the now, ‘‘Place of LB”, in which her husband Doug works alongside her.

Photos by Alice Mahran

Discovering the Spark.

What inspired your interest in pursuing a career in events and styling?

My previous career had similarities; however, it was planning my wedding in 2018 that sparked that passion for pursuing it on my own. 

I saw a gap for doing something different, yet I noted to my friends and family after our wedding that I found planning our wedding manageable. I LOVED IT and thought this was something I would love to do in the future. 

Good things take time, and it took the pandemic and me having more time on my hands to finally be able to pause and start to conjure up what Place of Lb could be.

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Photos by Alek Zaric

Defining Personal Style.

Can you provide some insights into your style and how you’d describe it?

I can’t define my style as I constantly evolve it and appreciate many different styles…I love keeping my mind open to this.

I like a trend. However, I prefer not to do what everyone else does, which is reflected in my style. 

There is a tom-boy element to it, and I love colour and print. I am obsessed with footwear: I have always had a great sneaker collection, yet it also flows into heels, mules and shoes that can make an outfit! 

My husband and friends will sometimes say, `Only you could wear that, ` and I guess I would say my style reflects our business…I try to ensure each event/wedding reflects the client and is something unique (maybe trying things that you wouldn’t usually pair together).

Critical Elements in Styling.

Regarding styling, what would you consider the top three crucial elements?

The Story/concept: does it reflect you as a couple? What surprises are we taking your guests on? And is it unique?

The Budget: what is your budget, and how can we be realistic with it and create some incredible memorable moments?

The different Mediums & vendors: how have we used other mediums? E.g. Stationery, floral (or no floral), furniture, Food, entertainment, etc., to bring the story together within the Budget. *Think outside the box and focus on what is important to you as a couple.

Unforgettable Moments.

Could you share a memorable wedding experience that stands out and explain why it’s so special?

This is a hard one, as every wedding we do has memorable moments and each for different reasons. Yet some of the most memorable for me has always been the element of surprise. Not only are the couple so satisfied, but the guests are too! But to name a few…

  • One of our couples arrived by boat to canapes for all guests to see and David Bowie’s Modern Love blasting.
  • Isabella Manfredi sang Never Tear Us Apart live with a saxophone player for a bride’s aisle song.
  • Synchronised swimmers enter canapes and dance their way through everyone to the pool for a performance.
  • The bride and groom sang their first dance, and microphones were handed out in the crowd for everyone to join.
  • Custom Bridal gowns by Designers as a one-off.
  • Nothing gets me more than an incredible speech, too!
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Photos by Alice Mahran

Laice and Doug got married in 2018

We admire the weddings and events you’ve styled. Could you share a favourite snippet of your wedding?

First of all, thank you!

For our wedding, we had a somewhat Italian influence, yet I must preface I was not in weddings yet, and I would push the boundaries a little more now. 

I trusted all our vendors and let them have creative freedom. We had moody red and burgundy florals, bold yellow stationery and touches of Italy throughout.

Many people may not know yet when we launched `LB Styling` now `Place of LB`, I found unique hire pieces, one being test tube holders in acrylic created with vendors and makers I worked with in my previous role. Our wedding was the start of me starting to create unique tablescapes.

My dress was classic and authentic to my style- I went wilder with accessories: an excessively long Oscar De La Renta Veil, Large YSL earrings, Bright Pink Balenciaga Mules, Tulle gloves and slick hair.

The one image I related to was that of Carolyn Bessette.

I LOVE MUSIC and a good party, so we had a rock’ n’ roll band followed by our good Mate Rich Penny, a DJ. The dancefloor was very important for us.

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Photos by Alek Zaric

Collaborations and Partnerships.

Could you tell us about the people and organisations you collaborate with?

In all honesty, this is the thing that blows me away the most and what I treasure so much. Throughout my past career, I have been fortunate to have trusted some incredible people and businesses that have led to some EPIC weddings.

For the people whom I call friends (vendors), we are just blown away that we can call this work and for the brands, businesses, chefs, and designers we have collaborated with (with some huge ones coming up this season), these are moments that excite me so much! Nothing is better than everyone supporting each other to bring together the most amazing, unique experiences for our couples.

Transitioning to Place of Lb.

Could you share details about your decision to change your business name?

When I created my business in Covid, and I was thinking of a name, to be honest, Lb Styling was just what was available on Instagram! I wanted to know how much it would grow quickly. From the beginning, we have been planners, and only 5% of our weddings were styling. 

I had a preconception that people who maybe didn’t know us or hadn’t followed our journey from the beginning would think we were only stylists.

However, it was a lot more. I am very much about how things `feel` vs how they `look`, and Lb Styling, whilst it was our first name and how we started. For me, it felt like it wasn’t where we are now and lacked that emotive feeling it encapsulates today. 

It also made me realise that change is good and that taking risks is crucial in an ever-changing industry. 

First and foremost, I am a planner, and with that comes my eye for detail, creating extraordinary visual moments (my passion). Yet, for us, the `look and feel` is just a part of what we do, and that part comes from knowing you and building an incredible relationship to come up with unique weddings that reflect you.

Hence, `Place of Lb ` derived from `safe place` is something Doug and I reference to each other, yet more so `’ place` to me means community and all those we cross paths with and form incredibly close bonds.

Entrepreneurial Journey and Accomplishments.

Can you tell us about your experiences and accomplishments during the last three years as an entrepreneur bts?

This question makes me emotional! 

I can’t say how hard it is to start your own business. It takes a lot of work, an incredible support network and sheer passion and determination to keep believing in what you do. 

Concerning the wedding industry, I believe there is another level of importance as you manage and support people through what is `the best of their lives`, and we take that seriously.

I love what I do, and I also love that I still have butterflies, nerves and all these emotions for each wedding. I will never stop learning and trying to be the best business we can be, and I love challenges.

To anyone wanting to start their business in this industry: have passion and determination, keep pushing, build relationships, stay true to yourself, and the hard work will pay off. 

And always celebrate the wins, no matter how small!!

From a BTS perspective…this is honestly something that can make me laugh so much. 

A lot of people need help understanding what happens behind the scenes. From heat stroke to paparazzi, from short supply hire, you name it! Yet it is the glass-half-full attitude that helps you focus and know there is always a solution. I mean, I love a good laugh in a tricky situation!

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Photos by Alek Zaric

Fulfillment in the Job.

What aspect of your job do you find most fulfilling?

ALL OF IT, for me, is the relationships we build with our couples and vendors. We are so fortunate to be a part of and witness people’s special day. So very grateful for this. 

Advice for Couples.

Do you have any advice for couples about to tie the knot?

Stay true to yourself, know your limits (budgets) and trust your tribe (vendors) to bring it to life.

Lacie’s wedding gallery is below.

Photos by Lara Hotz

Predicting 2024 Trends.

In your opinion, what will be the popular trends in 2024?

Old world influence

A bit of grunge

They revert to the classic

I find it hard to answer this question as I like to steer away from trends (just take inspiration from them and make it your own). Try to make your wedding feel like you and not something you have never seen before!!!

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Images: all images supplied by Place of LB.