Ella’s Ethereal Wedding: A Love Story Amidst New Zealand’s Beauty

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Step into a world where love intertwines with beauty, and each moment is a testament to the magic of romance. Welcome to Ella’s ethereal wedding journey, a captivating tale set amidst the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand. In this enchanting narrative, Ella unveils the intricate details of her love story with James, from their serendipitous encounter to the enchanting proposal that marked the beginning of their forever. Join us as we delve into the heart of their celebration, where every element is meticulously curated to reflect their unique bond and shared dreams. Ella’s journey is more than a wedding tale—a symphony of love, authenticity, and the timeless allure of a union blessed by nature’s beauty. So, grab a seat and immerse yourself in the romance as we embark on Ella’s ethereal wedding: a love story amidst New Zealand’s beauty.

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Photography Keryn Sweeney

Q. How did you and your partner first meet, and what drew you to each other?

A. James and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday weekend in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. There was an instant connection, but James’s kindness and gentleness captivated me. It was a slow-burn love story, evolving from friendship to romance.

Q. Can you share the story of your engagement and proposal?

A. James proposed at his family holiday home in the Marlborough Sounds. It was my birthday, Boxing Day, and our families surrounded me. His proposal was short but incredibly sweet, and it took me entirely by surprise. It was a moment of pure joy and celebration.

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Q. What factors influenced your decision to choose your wedding venue?

A. We wanted a venue that complemented my dress and offered our guests a memorable experience. Mudbrick on Waiheke Island was a slice of paradise that perfectly suited our vision for a weekend celebration.

Q. How did you approach the wedding planning process and encounter any challenges?

A. I surprised myself by taking on most of the planning, with support from amazing suppliers. Creating mood boards helped us visualize the day, and despite challenges like island logistics, we remained relaxed and focused on enjoying the process.

Q. What was your vision or theme for the wedding, and how did you bring it to life?

A. We envisioned a grand celebration with lush flowers and classic elegance. We needed to have all our favourite people there, creating an epic party with traditional touches that reflected our personalities.

Q. Could you describe your experience working with your event planner or coordinator?

A. While I took the lead in planning, our suppliers played a crucial role in realizing our vision. Our one-day coordinator at Mudbrick ensured everything ran smoothly, turning chaos into harmony.

Q. How did you choose your wedding attire, gown, and accessories?

A. Ah, my favourite part! I stumbled upon my dream vintage gown in a bridal store, which was love at first sight. For accessories, I followed tradition with something old, new, borrowed, and blue, incorporating sentimental pieces and elegant touches.

Q. What considerations went into selecting the attire for your partner and other wedding party members?

A. We opted for a Black Tie dress code to ensure a classic and sophisticated atmosphere. James and the groomsmen wore matching dinner suits, while the bridesmaids wore custom dresses designed by my cousin, adding a personal touch to the occasion.

Q. Can you elaborate on any special or unique details incorporated into your wedding decor and styling?

A. Our floral arrangements were a mix of lush greenery and blue hydrangeas, creating a dreamy atmosphere. From a statement floral arch to intimate table settings, every detail exuded beauty and elegance.

Q. How did you personalise your ceremony and reception to reflect your relationship and personality?

A. We wrote our vows and incorporated meaningful music into the ceremony. For the reception, we mixed traditional elements with a focus on starting the party early, ensuring a lively atmosphere for our guests.

Q. Were there any cultural or familial traditions included in your wedding festivities?

A. Our families are incredibly close-knit and don’t come from strong cultural backgrounds. Our wedding celebrated love and laughter with our unique spin on traditions.

Q. What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day for you and your partner?

A. Our vows and speeches were undoubtedly the highlight. Sharing our love and gratitude with our loved ones created memories that will last a lifetime.

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Q. How did you ensure your guests felt included and comfortable throughout the festivities?

A. We provided thoughtful amenities like parasols and personalized dietary options to ensure everyone felt cared for and recognised.

Q. What advice would you give other couples planning their weddings based on your experience?

A. Stay true to yourselves and prioritize what makes you happy. Don’t let others’ opinions sway you from your vision. Your wedding should be a reflection of your love and journey together.

Ella and James’s wedding journey is a testament to love, authenticity, and the beauty of shared moments. As they embark on their married life together, their story inspires couples worldwide and reminds us that true love knows no bounds.

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Photography Keryn Sweeney

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