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A boutique wedding planning + event styling agency for modern chic.

Wanderlust Creative is dedicated to curating uniquely personalized events for clients seeking elegance and simplicity. As the creative force behind this agency, the founder embraces the role of a wife, a mother, and a lover of the romantics.

The belief in the beauty of restraint and the power of well-thought-out design is at the core of Wanderlust Creative’s approach. Every event is an opportunity to reflect the individuality of their clients, creating a truly bespoke experience.

With a firm belief in the purpose behind every event, Wanderlust Creative holds mindfulness in the highest regard. They understand that careful attention to detail and a supportive environment can overcome challenges. And let’s not forget the importance of a glass of vino and the presence of your best friend!

The team at Wanderlust Creative has been carefully selected, ensuring clients receive a truly personal touch. From planners to stylists and florists, each member is dedicated to making your special moment in time extraordinary.

Above all, Wanderlust Creative’s dream is to help you realize yours. Their expertise and passion aim to bring your vision to life and create a cherished memory that will be treasured forever.

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