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Renowned for his unique vision, Tom Coburn transforms ordinary moments into captivating frames of emotion and beauty.

Tom grew up in the coastal town of Thirroul, where he found his passion in photography, capturing the moods of the ocean and surrounding landscapes. A chance encounter with a wedding photographer at a restaurant opened Tom to a new world, leading him down an unexpected but fulfilling path. The transition from ocean and landscape photography to weddings was not merely a change of scenery but a transformation that allowed him to channel his creativity and passion into a celebration of love and commitment. 

At weddings, Tom aims to be a ‘fly on the wall’, documenting subtly so that he can capture a couple’s authentic moments. Emphasising finding those little in-between moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. His style strikes a balance between editorial, photojournalistic and that of fine art. 

Tom strives to capture the day in a way that will be as relevant in 50 years as it is today. 

With a decade of experience and an unwavering passion, Tom Coburn is a visionary artist, capturing not just images, but life’s most cherished moments.

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