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Australia’s leading luxury event content creation service, capturing & curating your precious moments on a mobile device worldwide. 

Olivia & Living is a renowned Creative Studio and Consultancy specializing in content creation, creative direction, and bridal styling. 

Olivia & Living Events is their exquisite wedding day content creation service, allowing couples and guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the day truly. Their expert guidance, skill and experience are beyond compare, instilling comfort and confidence in couples, knowing every treasured moment will be beautifully documented and delivered to them within 24 hours. 

Olivia & Living Events provides a ‘behind-the-scenes’ approach to luxury event content creation, allowing you to flow through your day without technology in hand effortlessly. 

When you engage with Olivia & Living Events, you can expect a truly personalized experience that begins with in-depth consultations. They take the time to understand your creative vision, outlining the overall aesthetic and specific edits you desire, resulting in a bespoke Content Plan tailored exclusively to you. 

With over ten years of industry experience, Olivia & Living Events recognizes the significance of working harmoniously with other creatives when capturing your special moments. Their team understands the collaborative nature of the event industry, ensuring visual priority is always given to the photographers and videographers unless specified.

Whether a wedding, corporate event or any other special occasion, Olivia & Living Events showcases expertise and unrivalled skill for creating captivating content that reflects an event’s essence.

Founded by Olivia Burrows Sutherland, Australia’s leading bridal fashion content creator.

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