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Marcus, an accomplished Australian filmmaker and digital storyteller based in London, UK, has captured the essence of weddings since 2018. With a strong emphasis on authenticity and genuine moments, Marcus strives to create films that effortlessly reflect the emotions and experiences of your special day, foregoing contrived poses for natural, heartfelt scenes.

With a diverse background in design, music, travel, and event videography, Marcus brings a unique perspective to his craft. His love for travel, especially immersing himself in foreign cities, cultures, and urban environments, fuels his creative energy. At 15, Marcus embarked on a transformative journey in Puglia, Italy, where he embraced the local culture and immersed himself in learning the language. These invaluable experiences and qualities serve as inspiration, shaping his films and enhancing your wedding day.

Marcus is not just a filmmaker but a deeply passionate observer of life’s meaningful moments. He gets goosebumps during your first dance, which leaves your wedding feeling inspired, and genuinely connects with you, even following your journey on Instagram to stay connected.

Allow Marcus to create a profound connection through his films as he collaborates with you to craft something truly remarkable and tailor-made. Immerse yourself in his work and let the magic unfold as he captures your love story’s timeless elegance and unique essence.

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