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About LOHO Bride

The acronym stands for “League of her own,” and embraces the owner, Christy’s own taste and ideals in an immaculately crafted space. Beyond being just a shop, however, lies the brand’s very specific niche: to offer an experience for women who don’t identify with the mainstream aesthetic, but who seek an organic, comfortable, and easy alternative to dress shopping for their big day.

Their made-to-order gowns range from $1,700 – $8,000, with the bulk of our gowns being in the $2,500-$5,000 range (USD prices)

“When I close my eyes and think about who our bride is, I have visions of her instead of adjectives because she’s the type of woman who transcends labels and convention. That’s how I came to naming the brand. After writing down all of these ways to describe her, I decided that the ethos of the brand was to have her define herself. She decides what kind of bride she is and there might not be a name for it specifically, just a natural confidence behind how she feels during an incredibly meaningful day. She doesn’t have to ask herself if she can pull something off, she just does.

Our brides are looking for quality-made, hard to find designers. They come to us for a tightly curated rack that they can rely on without having to weed through racks and racks of gowns that aren’t them, while receiving a personalized experience. When I’m buying, I gravitate towards gowns that have personality; gowns that we all haven’t seen over and over again. Our selection ranges from edgier, minimalist styles to airy, ethereal silhouettes”  – Christy + The LOHO Team

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