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At House of Lucie, the passion for wedding photography is rooted in a deep love for people and the joyous moments that unfold on their special day. With a keen eye for connections, stories, and emotions, House of Lucie thrives on capturing the genuine and heartfelt love surrounding a wedding celebration.

Describing their style as editorial, timeless, romantic, and natural, House of Lucie goes beyond capturing the big moments. They have a knack for capturing the small, intimate moments and the beautiful in-between. By getting to know each couple personally, House of Lucie can create an atmosphere of trust and authenticity, allowing for genuine and intimate photographs that reflect the couple’s unique love story.

With a relaxed, warm, and friendly approach, House of Lucie ensures that every couple feels comfortable. With a camera in hand, they meticulously observe the interplay of light and allow genuine moments to unfold naturally. Adopting a journalistic approach, House of Lucie expertly documents the stories as they happen, providing an unobtrusive presence while offering gentle guidance to capture real, intimate, and effortless frames.

House of Lucie believes that wedding photography is more than just capturing beautiful images; it is about preserving the memories and emotions of one of the most beautiful and joyous days in a couple’s life. With their passion, skill, and genuine love for their craft, House of Lucie is dedicated to creating stunning and meaningful photographs that will be cherished forever.

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