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Welcome to Haus of Hera, a boutique wedding and event company based in Brisbane. Haus of Hera is led by Christie, a talented founder and head stylist passionate about creating magical experiences. From Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, and beyond, Christie and her team bring notions of understated elegance to every event. They also love to travel and are open to working on interstate and overseas weddings.

Haus of Hera thrives on working with clients who share their aesthetics and appreciate the personalized touch they bring to each celebration. Christie and her team immerse themselves in designing settings that exude timeless elegance, moody romance, and authentic detailing. No style is off-limits, as they are always excited to explore unique approaches and collaborate with their clients to deliver their perfect day.

Christie, the founder and head stylist of Haus of Hera, has always been intrigued by the transformative power of design. With a love for the finer details and a passion for planning, she meticulously plans and refines her clients’ visions to create events that authentically represent their love and style. Christie believes in curating every detail, from textures to tones and beautiful elements, to ensure a seamless and bespoke experience from start to finish.

At Haus of Hera, Christie and her team look forward to collaborating with you to bring your vision to life. With their expertise and dedication to creating magic, you can trust that your event will truly reflect your love and style.

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