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Georgia Burns is an esteemed Australian Wedding Photographer, gracefully straddling the landscapes between Australia and Europe. With an expansive portfolio, Georgia has chronicled celebrations from the charming streets of Europe to the picturesque terrains of Indonesia, extending her artistry to the UK and beyond. Her work effortlessly weaves an editorial touch with an artistic flair that distinguishes her in the wedding realm.

Georgia remarks on her craft, “I seek out documenting the unique ways couples celebrate love. I think of my images as the building blocks of an unfolding story. They encapsulate the fleeting, candid moments that mirror the genuine emotions of a wedding day. My focus remains on the delicate balance between quiet interactions, shared glances, the resonance of laughter, and the sheer joy of the occasion. And, of course, I have a soft spot for a vibrant party.”

Her global escapades have profoundly influenced her lens, nurturing her ability to view beauty from distinct viewpoints. Born in the rustic town of Dungog, close to Hunter Valley, her childhood was painted with episodes of self-driven discovery. This intrinsic curiosity fostered a unique worldview, enabling her to capture beauty from unconventional angles. Above all, Georgia cherishes the authentic tapestry of human connections, art, and culture that weddings elegantly display. It’s an honour for her to be welcomed into these heartfelt spaces, bearing witness to unparalleled love stories and etching them in eternity.

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