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Danielle Copperman, a celebrated model and creative director, and her partner have a modern love story rooted in shared interests and serendipity. Their journey began years ago at a work event, where they first met but did not connect romantically. It wasn’t until much later, through a shared love of spiritual literature, that their paths converged meaningfully. Danielle had posted about a spiritual book on her Instagram story, and she now-husband responded with his recommendations. This exchange was not just casual banter; it revealed a depth and purity in their interaction that transcended the typical social media exchange. This genuine connection, marked by mutual intellectual and spiritual curiosity, laid the foundation for their relationship.

The couple’s engagement story is as idyllic as their meeting. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, they relocated to a quaint village in France, seeking solace and safety during the lockdown. This village, near a picturesque lake, quickly became a place of significant emotional value for them. They visited the lake almost daily during the summer of 2020, creating countless cherished memories. This serene spot, a spontaneous destination during an early date in 2019, naturally became the backdrop for their engagement.

After Danielle had travelled extensively in the summer of 2021, her partner planned a heartfelt welcome-home picnic by the lake. The evening was perfect, with the sunset casting a golden glow over a spread of rosé, burrata salad, and local bread. Their dog, Arden, accompanied them, adding to the intimate setting. As Danielle moved to the water’s edge to capture the breathtaking sky, she turned to find her partner on one knee, holding a ring. The proposal culminated their shared moments and dreams, sealed with a hidden bottle of champagne and a night under the stars, soaking in the moment’s magic.

For Danielle and her husband, choosing a wedding venue was a heartfelt decision rather than a logistical one. They decided to marry at her husband’s family home, a place steeped in history and sentiment. This home had witnessed his older brother’s wedding a decade earlier and held a special place in the family’s memory. With its natural beauty and sentimental value, the garden provided an idyllic setting perfectly aligned with their vision of an intimate and informal celebration. Hosting their friends and family from the UK and overseas at this meaningful location also marked a poignant reunion after the separations enforced by the pandemic lockdowns.

The journey of planning the wedding was a mix of joy and challenges for Danielle. With the venue already decided, the couple could focus on the creative aspects of their wedding. Danielle enjoyed the early phases of planning, which involved creating mood boards and thinking about the special touches they could incorporate. However, as the planning progressed, they encountered the common challenges of organising a wedding without a professional planner.

Danielle and her partner handled the planning, using spreadsheets to manage various details and priorities. The guest list, in particular, was dynamic, evolving until the very last moment. Despite the meticulous planning, Danielle wished they had enlisted someone to help coordinate the day’s events. The absence of a day-of coordinator added to her pre-wedding anxieties, but ultimately, they managed to pull everything together with the help of family and friends.

From the outset, Danielle and her husband envisioned their wedding as a reflection of their personalities and values. They wanted the event to feel intimate and informal, emphasising their close relationships with friends and family. The garden setting of her husband’s family home naturally lent itself to a garden party theme, which they embraced wholeheartedly.

Sustainability was a key consideration in their planning. Rather than opting for extravagant floral installations, they highlighted the garden’s natural beauty. They enhanced the setting with potted plants that could be replanted after the wedding, ensuring their celebration left a minimal environmental footprint. While they kept the decorations simple, focusing on the venue’s inherent charm, Danielle admitted that, in hindsight, she might have added a few more decorative elements. However, the simplicity and authenticity of the setting ultimately aligned perfectly with their vision.

Danielle’s approach to her wedding attire was as unique and thoughtful as the rest of her wedding planning. She wanted her outfits to reflect a couture sensibility rather than traditional bridal fashion. Drawing inspiration from Pinterest boards she had curated over the years, she collaborated with talented designers to create bespoke pieces that were both personal and exquisite.

Danielle chose a halter-style dress elevated with unique design elements for the civil ceremony. For the main ceremony, she opted for a gown with a fuller skirt and a vintage-inspired feel crafted from ivory fabric that caught the light beautifully. Her accessories, a mix of vintage pieces and modern touches, were selected on the day to complement her overall look.

Her husband’s and groomsmen’s attire were managed independently, adding an element of surprise and personal expression to the wedding day. Danielle’s bridesmaids, dressed by Reformation, each chose outfits that resonated with their styles while maintaining a cohesive colour palette that harmonised with the garden setting. This approach ensured that everyone felt comfortable and confident, contributing to the relaxed and intimate atmosphere of the celebration.

Danielle and her husband’s wedding was rich with thoughtful and meaningful details. They opted for embroidered napkins as keepsakes for their guests, a small yet significant touch that added a personal element to the dining experience. Family wedding photos were displayed, visually linking to past generations and celebrating the continuity of love and commitment.

Polaroid cameras and a guest book allowed guests to capture and share their moments from the day, adding a layer of interactive fun and creating a cherished keepsake for the couple. These small, personal touches enhanced the overall experience for their guests, making them feel included and appreciated.

Danielle and her husband’s wedding ceremony was a deeply personal affair. They chose to script their ceremony based on a Buddhist text, incorporating elements that resonated with their beliefs and values. Instead of the traditional “I do,” they both said “we do” in unison, symbolising their partnership and unity.

The ceremony was led by Danielle’s sister and her husband’s brother, adding a familial warmth to the proceedings. Their mothers also contributed readings, further personalising the event and highlighting the blending of their families.

The reception was equally intimate and relaxed. A live band played some of the couple’s favourite songs, setting a joyful and celebratory tone as the sunset. Danielle and her husband’s first dance was a communal experience, with guests gathering around the dance floor and joining in, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

While the wedding did not include many traditional cultural elements, it was a bilingual celebration, reflecting the couple’s English and French backgrounds. The ceremony was conducted in both languages, and speeches were given in English and French. This bilingual approach added a unique and personal touch, celebrating their diverse heritage and making all guests feel included.

Among the many memorable moments of their wedding day, Danielle and her husband cherished the drive from the town hall to their home in a classic car, a private and sweet moment that allowed them to reflect on their new status as husband and wife. Another highlight was entering the reception tent hand in hand and being greeted by their friends and family’s love and joy as “Walk of Life” played in the background. At this moment, they encapsulated the love and support surrounding them, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

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Danielle and her husband prioritised the comfort and enjoyment of their guests throughout the festivities. The informal and relaxed schedule allowed guests to mingle and enjoy the beautiful garden setting at their own pace. With a guest list 120, the event was intimate enough to feel personal yet large enough to create a lively atmosphere. Their inclusive first dance, where guests were invited to join in, was a highlight that fostered a sense of community and celebration.

Reflecting on her wedding planning journey, Danielle offers valuable advice for future brides. She emphasises the importance of taking the planning process slowly and not allowing it to overwhelm. Staying true to personal styles and values is crucial, as is involving loved ones in creating meaningful memories. Danielle also advises against trying to please everyone, as it is impossible. Instead, she encourages couples to focus on their vision and to communicate openly and regularly. Above all, she reminds brides to enjoy the journey and the celebration of love.

Danielle Copperman’s wedding was a beautiful testament to love, intimacy, and personal expression. By focusing on what truly mattered to them and incorporating meaningful details, Danielle and her husband have created a visually stunning celebration that profoundly reflects their journey together. Their wedding day was filled with love, joy, and the support of their closest friends and family, making it a day to remember for everyone involved.

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