A Tale of Fire and Ice: Polina Shaker’s Enchanting Winter Wedding in St. Moritz

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From a Valentine’s Day blind date to an extravagant winter wonderland wedding in the illustrious St. Moritz, Polina Shaker and Ibrahim Shaker’s love story reads like a fairy tale. At the helm of their respective family businesses, this power couple has always done things distinctively, a theme that splendidly culminated in their weddings.

It all began with a blind date in London, a setup by a mutual friend that swiftly blossomed into a beautiful partnership. Polina and Ibrahim were inseparable within three months, and after moving in together, they haven’t looked back. The proposal was a family affair, with Ibrahim popping the question on the rooftop of Polina’s parents’ home in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, on her birthday – a surprise meticulously kept by her loved ones.

The idea of a winter wonderland wedding arose from the couple’s desire to stand out. After an intimate civil wedding in Gstaad, they opted for a grand celebration in St. Moritz, which held cherished memories for Polina’s family. Known for its elegant and vintage charm, St. Moritz perfectly reflected the couple’s vision. The decision to host the ceremony on the ice rink at Badrutt’s Palace was a nod to Polina’s creative background and family ties to ice sports.

The ceremony featured a figure skating show written and directed by the couple and their friend, Ilya Averbukh. Narrating their love story, it was performed on ice by skaters, creating a bond between the guests with dancing and fun. Polina and Ibrahim had to remind themselves to slow down and enjoy the moment which went by so quickly.

Their wedding journey was not without thrills; due to road closures caused by a real blizzard, guests had to leave their cars in the mountains and fly in. The airport was closed, but their pilot bravely kept flying, hoping it would open—and they managed to land within a ten-minute window.

The first day’s events were as memorable as they were challenging. After a meet and greet in a private club on the mountain, a wooden chalet adorned with furs, the Gypsy Queens band united everyone – young and adults alike – as they danced on tables to shared-style table service in casual dress code.

The primary wedding day commenced with portraits taken by German Larkin, an intimate moment shared between Polina and Ibrahim before the ceremony. Despite initial worries about the snowfall and the ice skaters’ concern about the rink conditions, the couple’s resilience shone through. They had to think on their feet, even considering glamorous umbrellas and helicopter drops for decor. Miraculously, the snow paused just in time for the performance and their ceremony outside. The snowflakes began to fall again as they kissed, adding to the enchantment. A fiery heart-shaped structure blazed behind them as they lit the path, transitioning beautifully to the warm dining hall where they performed their first tango dance in homage to Polina’s mother, a dancer.

The festivities continued with a sit-down dinner, heartfelt toasts, and performances by ballet dancers. The couple’s passion for diverse music catered to their bilingual crowd, ensuring an experience tailored to all their guests.

Polina advises brides-to-be to plan an unconventional wedding, embrace individuality, and step outside conventional norms. Through her experience, she emphasises the importance of dedicating specific time to the planning process, hiring a planner, and making prompt decisions. She reflects on the logistical puzzle of coordinating their dream wedding across multiple countries and advises couples to be proactive and decisive.

Instead of traditional gifts, the couple united in their devotion to animals, requested donations to support the end of the dog and cat meat trade industry and aid homeless animals in need – a cause close to their hearts.


This wedding was not just an exchange of vows but an immersive experience that celebrated love, creativity, and the power of standing out. Polina and Ibrahim’s winter wedding was a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, setting a new standard for what a wedding can be – an expression of personal flair and shared passions.

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