A Glimpse into Maddie’s Dreamy Waterside Celebration

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In the captivating saga of Maddie’s quest to materialise her dream wedding, destiny played its part by weaving threads of imagination and expertise into an unforgettable tapestry. As Maddie’s aspirations took shape, the remarkable Nina Wiener from Nina MaBelle Weddings emerged as the virtuoso behind the scenes, breathing life into each intricate detail. With a mind brimming with ideas and a heart set on realizing an ambitious vision, Maddie confronted the challenge of turning her visions into tangible splendour.

Nina, the enchantress orchestrating the entire affair, swiftly took centre stage and became the guiding light of this enchanting journey. Possessing a creative spirit herself, Nina deftly navigated the labyrinth of Maddie’s thoughts, transforming moments of indecision into a seamless array of choices. Her ability to translate Maddie’s grand dreams into concrete designs streamlined the process, allowing Maddie to focus on crafting an experience that resonated deeply with her and her partner.

Speaking of Maddie’s partner, an adventurer of joyful spirit, they joined this journey with an open heart, contributing their insights on culinary delights, libations, and those final, delicate touches. In perfect harmony, they allowed Maddie to take the lead in curating the intricate details, recognising that the beauty of this journey lay in the interplay of their distinct influences.

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However, at the heart of this narrative lies Maddie’s childhood home, an idyllic place that holds the key to her wedding fantasies—a location steeped in memories and offering breathtaking views of the tranquil Swan River. Here, Maddie’s dreams took flight against a backdrop of unparalleled beauty. Opting for an open-air marvel over the conventional marquee, she envisioned a European-inspired haven. Towering pillars, reminiscent of classical elegance, were adorned with intricate embellishments, merging at their zenith with a symphony of cascading greenery and flowers. While some might have considered it a gamble, relying on the unpredictable nature of the weather, fate favoured the bold choice, gifting Maddie with a serene evening that cast aside any lingering doubts. (Of course, meticulously laid contingency plans provided a safety net of preparedness.)

As Maddie’s story unfolds, allow us to guide you through the chapters culminating in this exquisite tapestry of love, creativity, and serendipity. In the forthcoming pages, discover how Maddie’s vision transformed into a breathtaking reality, orchestrated by Nina as the maestro and destiny as the silent companion, uniting to craft a day where dreams found root in the extraordinary.

“Paolo Sebastian’s meticulous craftsmanship spoke to me, and after personal modifications, I fell in love with the idea of two dresses, each reflecting a unique facet of my style journey.”

Surprisingly, my attire choice differed from my initial vision, yet I was captivated by the high-necked, long-sleeved lace dress that felt right after trying various options.”

“Fortunately, we had the opportunity to capture photos at a close friend’s house, conveniently situated just above my parents’ home. The place exuded the charm of an old European residence, with beautiful exposed stone walls and breathtaking gardens. It provided the ideal backdrop that perfectly aligned with my vision for the wedding.”

“Envisioning my dream wedding day, I entrusted Nina Wiener from Nina MaBelle Weddings to bring my imaginative vision to life, streamlining the process and making it a reality.”

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“Paolo Sebastian’s meticulous craftsmanship spoke to me, and after personal modifications, I fell in love with the idea of two dresses, each reflecting a unique facet of my style journey.”

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“My connection to my parents’ 1980s classic Austin Healey cars led me to incorporate their sentimental significance into our departure, accented by a headscarf and Chanel sunglasses.”

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“Inspired by my mother’s wedding, I drew from her bridesmaids’ dresses—matching mini dresses in four colours with coordinated handbags. Cherishing this idea since childhood, I modernized it.

Enchanted by the concept of feathers, I scoured for the perfect dresses. I collaborated with Tatiana of Tatiana Fashion Studios and brought the vision to life. Sourcing feathers abroad and hunting matching fabrics in Sydney, I recreated the same hues adored by my mother’s bridesmaids decades ago: peach, pink, lilac, and yellow. The outcome matched my vision precisely, and the mini design ensured comfort throughout the day and dancing into the night.”

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“The groom’s attire featured a Pal Zileri tuxedo, Eton shirt, and Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, embodying a blend of sophistication and classic charm.”

“As a wedding cake maker, it was no surprise that people asked if I would make my cake for the big day. While I knew it wouldn’t be feasible, I was determined to be involved in creating something unique. So, I conceived the design of a magnificent 1.5m pyramid tower, and we had it crafted for the event. To bring this vision to life, I collaborated with some of my favourite dessert makers in Perth, who lovingly prepared 600 mini desserts. As a personal touch, I also made 600 desserts myself on the eve of the wedding.”

“Our chosen venue, my parent’s house, with its sentimental value and picturesque Swan River view, guided the decision for a European-inspired open-air structure, capturing a magical essence with cascading greenery.”

The Little Black Book

Event Planner: Nina Ma’Belle Weddings

Production: OTS Production

Ensembles: Dolce Ensembles

Musician: Coby Grant

DJ: Elise Keddie


Catering: Heyder & Shears

Photographer: Callaesse

Videographer: Symmetry weddings

Photo Booth: Adept Photo Booth

Florist: Natural Art Flowers

Cake: Madelines Cakes (by the bride)

Stationary: One Mimosa Please

Hair: Melissa Gesualdo (Website not provided)


Tans: Cocoaluxau

Dress: Paolo Sebastian

Bridesmaid dresses: Tattiana Fashion Studios

Gift registry: Wedit

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