7 Tips From a Wedding Planner Pro

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A wedding stylist shares the secret to having your picture-perfect wedding and eating the cake. 

“At the end of the day, all family & loved ones are coming to celebrate your love, and the day needs to reflect you.”

-Founder, Du Jour Events

Are you recently engaged and swept up in the endless trove of wedding inspiration? With captivating Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards beckoning your attention, it’s only natural to feel lost on where to begin. The expectations of creating your dream day can be overwhelming, leaving you torn between embracing certain elements and sacrificing others. That’s why we sat down with Natasha Hamer, a seasoned stylist, wedding planner, and the Founder of Du Jour Events in Byron Bay. With her sage advice, we unlock the secret to crafting a wedding day that remains authentic to your unique love story. Natasha serves as a reliable source of support, assisting you in unravelling your priorities and facilitating the process of making challenging decisions more manageable. This one’s dedicated to all the beautiful brides and brides-to-be embarking on a journey to curate a celebration that reflects their most authentic selves.

First things first

Ideally, how soon should couples lock in a wedding stylist/planner before their big day? 

This question comes down to how quickly you want to get married; some couples may want to have that long-lasting engagement feeling, whereas others dream of being married within 12 months. As a planner, we typically recommend 12 months to ensure a seamless wedding planning experience, but can a wedding be planned in 12 weeks like what I have done – absolutely! 

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Splurge or save

How can I create XXX look within my budget? 

It all comes down to your artistic flare and creativity. The key is individuality and the skill of repurposing. Create your look with statement pieces, as this will forever outweigh volume. Timeless, bold and rich, these tiny touches set a design apart from the ordinary. 

In the memory bank

Can you tell us about a past wedding that was a particular favourite? Why was it memorable for you? 

I would be lying if I didn’t say all weddings were my favourite, as well as my couples, as over the planning experience I tend to indulge in sharing my personality with all couples and a piece of my heart goes into all weddings. Although, there was one wedding late last year that was Du Jour’s first ever wedding booked, and the couple had their wedding postponed numerous times due to Covid. Whilst in the lead, creating a lot of emotional stress, on the day, all was forgotten, and the love story forever stays in my heart. Connection, emotion, desirable settings and laughter will forever be a strong memory from this wedding.  

Incoming Brides, Listen up!

What tips would you give new couples ready to wed in 2023/2024? 

All family and loved ones are coming to celebrate your love, and the day needs to reflect you. Steer clear of the trends and stay uniquely fond of your culture, family traditions and authenticity. Try creating a style and trend that can be desired forever. Engage professionals that can work alongside you and follow your vision.   

How do you know if they’re the one?

Admittedly, this time we are talking about your Wedding Planner and Stylist. 

What three things must you consider when choosing a wedding planner/stylist? 

 To reverse this question slightly, when engaging with Du Jour, we ask all couples the three most important things to them on their wedding day. If this aligns, then this is the planner or stylist for you. As a Planner and Stylist, I create a unique and personalised wedding taken from their vision that will be cherished and remembered by the couple and their guests. 

What to contemplate first?

Once engaged, what three things would you consider booking first and why? 

 Depending on what stage of your planning you are up to, we suggest the Venue first, as everything follows past this selection. Reverting to the question above, we move on to the items of importance for the couple. Circling to your guest experience – Food & Beverage, Entertainment and uniquely the elements of the couple that are to wed.  

Let’s clear it up!

What’s a misconception about wedding stylists/planners you want to clear up? 

That we are the leader to control all decisions or that it is not a necessity. Our job is to simplify the lead-up to your wedding and bring your vision to life. Those who have engaged with Du Jour have the wedding of their dreams, and their love and laughter on the day reflect our work.

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