Editorial / Poetic European Moments

Editorial / Poetic European Moments

Editorial / Poetic European Moments at Montsalvat 

Within a dreamy, past-meets-a-vibrant-present at Melbourne’s Montsalvat, The Bridal Journey teamed up with a coterie of talented industry creatives, Justin Aaron Photography, Wanderlust Creative, Marquise Bridal and Cassandra Lusi to compose a ethereal and dreamy shoot within the walls of the oldest artist colony and within the walls of its complex of buildings that evokes a European past. A setting steeped in an inimitable beauty, crumbling surfaces and raw edges poetically fuse with sleek lines and sculptural design.

Photography / Justin Aaron

Wedding Gowns  / Marquise Bridal

Styling / Wanderlust Creative 

Talent / Cassandra Hancock

Hair & Makeup / Cass Lusi

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I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed and Here’s What Happened

I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed and Here’s What Happened

I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed and Here’s What Happened


I’ve always had pretty scarce and bare nothing like brows. Plus, I remember wearing a pair of Ray-Ban sunnies one summer where the beginning of my brows always got caught in the sunglasses and would literately rip out. I’m not sure if that is that even normal? I’m sure that’s contributed to my arch’s disappearing act.

What’s more, I pencil in my brows every day and I do this even on a lazy Sunday morning. Cue the cruel cycle of wanting to be able to swim or workout with Cara Delevingne-like brows but slowly and surely losing the effort involved in creating these every day. 

I longed to wake up with Brooke Shields brows — so I instantaneously called up not just my local brow expert but one that’s highly suggested and recommended in any forum online, you type in ‘micro-bladed brows in the Surf Coast’ and wah-lah cosmetic tattoo specialist, Chrissy, shows up (aka the eyebrow queen from Peep Studio and I shortly booked myself in for an appointment.)

I’m not going to lie, I was kind of shitting myself about the whole semi-permanent part of this procedure but at the beginning of my appointment, Chrissy reassured me that’d she’d draw in my brows first to make sure I was into them. Plus, Chrissy’s looked amazing, so I knew I was in good hands.



These are my sparse eyebrows (below)

I had an initial appointment with Chrissy from Peep Studio ( and a follow up list of what to do ‘pre treatment’. The list of instructions were as follows:

Client pre- care to appointment: 
• No alcohol 24hrs prior to apt as this effects normal blood clotting.
• Limit caffeine intake as it causes you to bleed more and we need your pigment to stay within the skin.
• Minimum 4weeks prior to apt, you can not have Botox, injectables, chemical peels or any other skin treatment. If so, please check with your therapist.
• Avoid blood thinning medications 72hrs prior to apt. This includes Vit E, Asprin, Niacin, Ibuprofen & fish oil.
• Avoiding sun exposure 4 weeks prior as can impact on pigment absorption.
• Wash your hair the night before or morning of apt as you can not get your brows wet for 7 days.

To start, Chrissy began to outline my brows and create the shape that she would eventually work within when she began microblading my arches. It was like I had Da Vinicis Vitruvian Man of the golden ratio drawn on my face. The brows are drawn up with a waxed pencil as as she explains,  “this gives her a frame to work within”. Once the drawing is complete, she begins to blade.


Gloved up, with a disposable pigment ring on her finger that she dips the blade into to scoop up the pigment. Then she blades the pigment into the skin. Starting at the beginning of the brow, she begins her first lot of hair strokes and follows through to the arch and finishing at the tail of the brow. After the first pass, the brows are soaked with the pigment to get into the small incisions. She then begins the same on the other brow. She will then do a ‘second pass’ on the brows. This is filling in any gaps. Once finished, the brows are soaked again for 10-15min. The pigment is removed and the liquid bandaid is applied. I realise this all sounds super-painful, but I promise it’s not; if you’ve ever gotten your eyebrows threaded, microblading feels unusually similar.

The whole procedure took about two hours, she would show me a mirror to make sure I liked my results, and if I wanted another hair or two here and there, she made it happen for me. Straight after the MB treatment, Chrissy applied a liquid bandaid immediately after the treatment. Chrissy explains that its ‘an antibacterial sealer and prevents any bacteria from penetrating, & reduces crust & scab formation. It also allows the colour to adhere to the skin better. Chrissy explained that “in the next coming days, the brows will tighten and a slight scab will form over the wound” and that “the colour will still look dark. Little flakes start to form and this is caused by the natural cell renewal of the skin.” She continued to say that when the flakes, flake off, the brows will then look patchy & the result will be 40% lighter (see photos below I was very concerned during this stage). I was also told that during this stage, do not use any cosmetic products, soaps or oils to the area. Do not rub, scratch the treated area.

She then supplies me with take home aftercare which includes 2 sterile water wipes & aftercare balm. 2-3hrs after my appointment, I gentle remove the liquid bandaid with the water wipes provided. 1 for each brow. Then I leave them till day 3. Day 3 I start to apply the balm on my brows morning and night, for 7 days. Not too much, as it can inhibit the healing process that needs to take place. After the 7 days, a shiny layer of healed skin has covered the area, I can now wet my brows.

Details of MB
MB is the art of drawing fine like hair strokes into the skin to create a natural brow. It’s done by using a small hand-tool which consists of micro needles positioned next to each other to blade fine hair strokes into the skin. It’s a very precise and quite difficult procedure. The pigment needs to be placed into the basal germinal layer. To shallow, in the epidermis, the pigment will fall out. She listens for a scratching sound on the skin, and the blade should glide through like butter. It should not be painful and unbearable. It feels much like scratching on the skin.

My eyebrows au natural. 

Immediately after my first session. 

What the actual fuck has happened to my eyebrows?

oh dear lord… Chrissy did warn me they’d go dark at first!

A week after my eyebrows calmed down and started to flake away!

After my second session where Chrissy filled in the missed sections and I was that happy!

I am told I need to not wash my face for a week and apply an ointment on them morning and night for a week. She did warn me that the pigment gets SUPER dark the next day and to not freak out as it’ll fade and scab within the next week. I must say I woke up the next day and I was freaking out, they were dark. I knew she pre warned me but they were so dark. I fought every urge to send a panicked txt message to her. It felt like my boyfriend couldn’t even look at me or that I was the laughing stock of Coles. I felt like I was meant to come out looking like Cara or Brooke. What happened? After a few days, it was like the heavens opened. Everything faded and my brows looked maybe 5 shades later. I was so pleased. I then had to go back after a few weeks for another session to fill in any missed spots. I must say I LOVE them and I am ready for Bali and a 5 minute makeup routine!

The most important product you can use after a microblading treatment is sunscreen. As Chrissy from Peep Studio explains “the pigment will last anywhere between 12-24 months, depending on the clients skin type and lifestyle factors. The more care you take of your brows the longer the colour will last in your skin. This can be done by using a SPF on your brows, as the sun will fade the pigment if exposed for long periods”. Like with other tattoos, sunscreens helps extend the longevity of your brows and prevent against fading from the sun. As Chrissy stated in the intial consultation “Tattoo balm, such as ‘Hustle butter’, can be applied everyday (evening), to keep the brightness of the pigment. Treat your tattoo brows the same way you take care of the skin on your face, moisturise daily!”


All in all I am VERY happy with my brows and bring on Bali! 




One Day x Sphere Collective Collection

One Day x Sphere Collective Collection

One Day x Sphere Collective Collection

“Kyha and I are both Aries women and I feel very much have a similar passion and drive. Aries woman describes and known to be creative, fiery, independent, stylish and independent. We worked so well together on this collaboration I thought it was fitting to align with our Aries astrology and pull in other famous Aries figures from mythology and pop-culture”.

The One day x Sphere Collection beautifully showcases how designers and stylists can collaborate to create something with raw authenticity that otherwise would not have existed. Driven by customer insights from both one day and sphere that brides were seeking more elevated, cutting edge, and detailed options, Kyha and Sarah felt that together it was the perfect opportunity to create. Both Kyha and Sarah have described the collection as the perfect marriage of the unexpected and the timeless, fusing of cutting edge and etherealism. Brides can expect combinations of corsetry and draping, lace and boning, beading and structure, flowing fabric and intricate detailing.

“Kyha and I are both Aries women and I feel very much have a similar passion and drive. Aries woman describes and known to be creative, fiery, independent, stylish and independent. We worked so well together on this collaboration I thought it was fitting to align with our Aries astrology and pull in other famous Aries figures from mythology and pop-culture”.

 When and how did the idea of the collection come about?

“At One Day we work really hard at having really strong relationships with our stockists and love hearing feedback. Sarah reached out sometime ago and mentioned that she really felt she had a modern bride that was after an elevated product. With our last One Day Bridal collection having launched in 2018, we knew brides were anticipating and eagerly waiting for a new range to choose from, so we (Sarah & Kyha) thought it was the perfect opportunity to combine our creative minds. Sarah’s expert insight into brides wants and needs garnered from styling countless brides each year and my knowledge of fashion and design together produced something we think is truly unexpected and exciting for brides.” – Kyha

What makes you most excited about launching this new collection? 

“I am always looking to create something that has never been done before and was excited about collaborating with Sarah on something unexpected. I love Sarah’s keen eye for bridal styling and fresh ideas for the future of bridal. We know brides will love this collection for its intricate details and modern design elements.” – Kyha

How long have you known Kyha for and what do you think initially drew you two together?

“Kyha has always been a great support and mentor for me, so to work with her in this way was an extremely humbling and exciting experience. Whilst Kyha and I draw from different inspiration we found we had a common aesthetic that complimented each other and we knew would translate into a beautiful collection of gowns.” – Sarah 

From a designer perspective, where did you draw your inspiration from for this collection?

“This collection was definitely a process of collaborating on feedback from our brides collectively, drawing on each other for inspiration and personal design aesthetics and working with new fabrics and shapes.” – Kyha


From a Boutique perspective, what made you think brides would absolutely love this collection?

“I am so excited to launch this because I can feel that there is a bride eager for something truly unique that they haven’t seen before, but that they know will stand the test of time.” – Sarah


If you got married tomorrow, what dress from the collection would you wear?

I” would have two, definitely the Portia for the aisle and the Elton for later in the night! The light bounces so beautifully off the sparkles on Elton.” – Kyha

“Hera – it’s basically a recreation of my own wedding gown, I love an off the shoulder and sleeve combination.” – Sarah


Describe Sphere x One Day Bride in three words?

“Modern, Unexpected and timeless.” – Kyha


Describe the Sphere x One Day Bride in Three words – Sarah McCarthy?

“Chic, Elegant and Timeless” – Sarah


What is the best piece of style advice you could give a bride when planning their wedding?

“Choose a gown that reflects your personality and feels truly you.” – Kyha


What is the best piece of self- care advice you could give a bride when planning their wedding?

“Don’t stress over the small things and focus on what really matters to you and your fiance.  At the end of the day you won’t remember all of the little things you once stressed over, you will just remember that it is one of the most amazing days of your life.” – Sarah




Emy & Sam’s Waterfront Wedding

Emy & Sam’s Waterfront Wedding

Real Bride |

Emy & Sam’s Waterfront Wedding 

Emy & 


How did the two of you meet? 

Funnily enough, Sam and I crossed paths (without knowing it) in various locations, in various circles until we first “met”. We shared the same Uni for 4 years, the same surf club during the same period, through to being born seven days apart at the same place – Paddington Women’s Hospital. 

We finally met at a friends local gym (The Cube), where I was a trainer and Sam a member.

The proposal played out in a stunning setting which Sam orchestrated (without me knowing) overlooking beautiful Uluwatu, Bali. At the time he said “Let’s get dressed up tonight” for a dinner booking that he happened to “wing” that day (I found out later this was coordinated weeks ago). It ended up being our own private isolated table for two – uninterrupted, flowers, petals, candles and a view overlooking the Uluwatu coastline. Very Bachelorette, Very Bali but totally Incredible.


What was the most expensive thing other than the venue that you had to pay for? 

The Band. We’re big on Music and it was especially Sam’s big non-negotiable. Worth every cent.


How’d you go about sticking to a budget?

We didn’t do too badly, although in honesty, we did go over budget. I would definitely say spreadsheets are a must to help you track where its all going, and who you still need to pay.

You’re engaged! Now what? How did you go about planning the big day? Budget? First steps to take…

CELEBRATE. Initially the two of us soaking up this euphoric time, then sharing our excitement with our family and friends. In the blur of emotions, next came – when, where and how to celebrate our special day!?!

We’re both extremely close with our Grandparents too and they immediately came to mind. Given their varying health and our close relationships, we wanted to make our big day happen sooner rather than later. Sam’s Grandma gave Sam the rings during the ceremony and I was fortunate enough to have both my Pop and Nonno there too. Budgets quickly became an afterthought after we saw those faces in the crowd.

“We didn’t do too badly, although in honesty, we did go over budget. I would definitely say spreadsheets are a must to help you track where its all going, and who you still need to pay.” 

What was your beauty and fitness prep leading up to the wedding?
I personally look after my skin pretty well year round, however leading into the big day I used Drunk Elephant products and had facials by the beautiful Marisa at MK Skin & Beauty. Sam’s “beauty” regime consisted of sun and the ocean.

Exercise-wise for me it was Pilates and for Sam is was boxing and occasionally touch footy. Collectively we both drank plenty of water and snuck in the occasional couples infrared sauna, where we had no outside distractions and were able to reconnect.

First Dance Song? 

‘Someone Like You’ Van Morrison (covered by our friend and amazing musician – Duan & Only). This song was extra special and meaningful, as my Nonna (Grandma) passed away the day after we got engaged and this played at her funeral – it was our way of having her there. 



Ceremony: Little Manly Point


Reception: Manly Pavilion


Flowers:  We chose to use faux flowers both for sustainability and the option to keep the flowers forever. My mum and I built the bouquets up with some fresh orchids and greenery which we sourced from The Wild Forager.


Celebrant: The Love Diaries 


Cake: Cakes by Dais our close friend Lisa Peters created a salted caramel “cement look” cake with vanilla butter cream icing. It was that good!!


Caterer: Manly Pavilion events – specifically chosen canapes as well as a Paella station


Photographer / Videographer:  Our beautiful friend and extremely talented Lucy from Lucie Weddings captured the bridesmaids pre-wedding fun, along with the location shoot. Hunter Manuel accompanied her and captured the boys pre-wedding, the ceremony and party!


The music ensured the dance floor was scarce, all thanks to the amazing Mike Champion & The Cool (reception and party) and Duan & Only (ceremony and occasional collab with the band during reception) Claudia Neal-Shaw from The Love Diaries


Dress: Chosen by One Day from Love Marie Bridal Boutique. Then slipped into Superga sneakers to dance the night away. I experimented with the sneakers and had them personally embossed with ‘ELG’ on the sides


The groom was in a custom-fitted Country Road jacket, with pants and shirt being custom. The groomsmen were in custom Institchu. 
Accessories: Sam wore his Grandpa’s cufflinks and he had custom sets made and engraved for his merry men. I wore custom a.b Ellie | HDWR.


Rings: The incredible Mia Chicco for both the engagement ring and our wedding bands. The engagement ring was bespoke, which Sam personally designed with Mia’s guidance. Rose gold, Australian champagne diamond and flanked by family heirloom white-diamonds which were re-purposed to suit.


Hair & Makeup: Given I do makeup (@emyclarebeautyco) I knew exactly what I was after and the beautiful India at Makeup by IVD nailed it. Less is more.


A Magical Wedding Celebration in WA

A Magical Wedding Celebration in WA

Real Bride |

A Magical Wedding Celebration in WA


& Nick

How did the two of you meet? 

Nick and I met out, he was at a friends birthday and I was out with some friends. We were having a chat at the bar, and seemed to get along really well. We ended up exchanging numbers with plans to catch up the following weekend for brunch, but I ended up cancelling an hour before (oops) as I had a big night prior. I thought I would never hear from him again because it wasn’t very nice of me to cancel at the last minute, but Nick suggested dinner during the week. We caught up for dinner, and it was then that I had a strong inkling that we would end up together. Three years on, and we’re married with a fur baby!

What was the proposal like?

Nick told me he booked a mini staycation for a little getaway to relax and shop before we got our puppy. I wasn’t too surprised as we often went on weekend getaways. On the day he proposed, he was acting a little odd and seemed quite restless so in hindsight I think I did suspect something. That day I purchased a new pair of shoes and the box came with a few envelopes for spare buckles. We went out for dinner and cocktails that night, and when we got back to the hotel there was a bottle of champagne and strawberries. On the top of the bowl, was a red envelope from my shoe box with the words ‘Will you marry me”. I completely missed it initially as I was so tired, so Nick actually had to point out the envelope and when I opened it, the ring fell out. I later found out, that the reason he used the envelope was because he broke the ring box. 


What advice would you give to other couples leading up to their big day?

Enjoy the process – the day will be amazing no matter what! It’s the one day where you and your partner will have everyone you love in one room together and that is what makes the memories. Make sure you and your partner spend as much time together on the actual day – it goes so quickly so take it all in together. We made a pact to stick together as much as we could during the reception so that we could reflect on and share the memories together.

What was the most expensive thing other than the venue that you had to pay for? 

Ambience and food/drink was important to us. Food can make or break an event, so we wanted to invest it that. We opted for a selection of canapes to kick off the reception, as well as seated entrée’s, mains and a big dessert bar. We spent time selecting the menu and considered our guests tastes and made sure we had a good selection of options. Florals and lighting was also expensive, but we wanted our guests to feel like they were somewhere magical and out of the city (even though we were in the heart of it).  


How’d you go about sticking to a budget?

Budgets are a personal choice, and we selected something that we were comfortable with spending. We went a little over our budget, but that being said we picked what was important to us and let ourselves be a little flexible with the spending’s. It’s one day that creates memories to last a lifetime, so we weren’t too fussed. We were also super strict on the guest list and only to invited our closest and dearest family and friends.

You’re engaged! Now what? How did you go about planning the big day? Budget? First steps to take…

I spent a few months thinking about what I wanted the day to look like and how I wanted it to feel for our guests. I looked at Pinterest for ideas and sent these to our wedding planner, Lara White (White Events). If your budget allows, I would recommend getting a wedding planner. We had our wedding in Perth (both of us live in Melbourne) and having Lara organise and plan the whole day took a lot of stress away from us. She also made things run so smoothly and calmed my nerves on the day.

“If your budget allows, I would recommend getting a wedding planner.”

What was your beauty and fitness prep leading up to the wedding?


I had a really good skincare regime and invested in a good range 6 months before our wedding. I also had a number of skin treatments which I started 4 months leading up to the wedding. Nick and I are fairly active people so we just kept our exercise routine up, and tried to limit alcohol as much as we could a few months leading up to the wedding.


Ceremony song?

Canon in D – Pachebel

First Dance? 

XO – John Mayer cover


Ceremony: St Joseph’s Church, Subiaco WA

Reception: The Quarry Amphitheatre, City Beach WA

Planner: Lara White, White Events

Cake: The Cake and I

Photographer / Videographer:  Natasja Kremers

Flowers: Wallflower Studio

Caterer: Ultimo Catering

Celebrant:  Priest

Dress: Karen Willis Holmes

Shoes: Aquazurra

Groom/groomsmen: Tom Ford and Oscar Hunt  

Rings: Kallure’

Hair & Makeup: The Pretty Parlour & Jacqui Bradfield

Music: String Quartet for Ceremony: Dolce Ensembles

Acoustic singer for Reception: Riley Pearce, DJ: Goldbass


10 Pairs Of Shoes To Dance Down The Aisle In

10 Pairs Of Shoes To Dance Down The Aisle In


Does cheap white satin bring you out in hives?

Good news: traditional bridal shoes have undergone a stealth makeover at the hands of high end labels who specialise in internationally sleek designs. 

We’ve rounded up our top 10.  

1. Jimmy Choo X off-white Mary bow 100 pumps, $521,

2. Roger Vivier Flower Strass Satin pumps, $1,995,

3. Alaia Bombe 110 Studded Leather Sandals, $1,480,

4. Balenciaga Square Knife Bow Sandals $950,

5. Gianvito Rossi Strappy Leather Slingback Sandals, $795,

6. Prada Patent Strappy Ankle Sandals, $750,

7. Givency sandals in Smooth Leahter, $1,150,

8. Jimmy Shoes Romy Pumps, $1,020,

9. Prada feather embellished satin mules, $535,

10. Prada leather slingbacks, $1480,

How to style your wedding

How to style your wedding

How to style your wedding

You’re going to remember how your wedding day felt, not how it looked. No matter what Pinterest tells you, you don’t plan a wedding based on style choices. You plan it based on reality. Trends in wedding styling tend to stick around for a lot longer than in any other industry. Don’t be concerned about planning far in advance for this one.

If you start planning your wedding from your Pinterest board, it’s not only going to be excessively expensive, it also may not have much to do with your party.

Take a step back. Walk away from your Pinterest App or laptop. Think about what will look good in your space and venue. You need to look at your venue’s decoration restrictions (some venues do not want open flames).  You want to know the secret of really amazing wedding styling? Choosing a design style and sticking to it. Basic, I know. But so many brides have told me they find it hard to bring their styling together. And it’s because they’re trying to do every single idea they see on Pinterest.

Decide on a colour palette. Colour is a great place to start with making your design style your own. I find the easiest approach is to select a set of neutral colours for the base then adding in one or more accent colours. Choose a word, such as ‘whimsical’ or it could be a name of a place you absolutely love, such as ‘Byron’. From there, chose a style, minimal and laidback. How is it laidback? Well I interpret that as muted tones, simplicity and linen table cloths as a basis for the style.

Themes to consider:

  • Classic
  • Vintage
  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Industrial
  • Festival                                                                                           

Bring in textures through fabrics including linen, silk, jute and lace; or materials such as timber, metal, concrete, brick or gold, cooper and silver-plated items.

Focus your energy on thing that people will notice right away and on spaces that are going to be photographed a lot. How many times can you remember what napkins or cutlery someone used at a wedding? The only reason people take notice is if A. They are planning a wedding themselves or B. Have recently had a wedding and are comparing their wedding to yours.

For maximum impact in any set up, simply display objects in groups of odd numbers. Groups of 3 to 5 objects work best.

Vary the heights of the objects, and position in a way to create depth and interest.

Apart from being beautiful, flowers are a great way of bringing in a lot of the styling techniques we’ve discussed. They provide texture; different shades of colours; bouquets have height and depth; and can be arranged in to create visual balance. Along with everything else flowers bring life to a room. It’s all of these reasons why you see flowers used so much.


Images and styling from The Style Co here



  1. Pick a design style
  2. Pick a colour scheme
  3. Create a mood board



Identify Spaces

Your ceremony space may include:

  • an alter
  • a space for your guests to sit
  • a space to sign your paperwork
  • a space for guests to mingle before/after
  • a bar area for refreshments to be served from


Your reception space may include:

  • a space for your reception tables / bridal table
  • a space for your gifts to be placed
  • a space for your cake or desserts to be displayed
  • a bar area for drinks to be served from
  • a lounge area
  • a cocktail area
  • a dancing area
  • a space for your DJ/band to set up
  • or a space for other entertainment (eg: photobooths




A Hamptons style Wedding at Bells at Killcare

A Hamptons style Wedding at Bells at Killcare

Real Bride |

A Hamptons Style Wedding At Bells At Killcare  


& David 

How did the two of you meet? 

Dave and I actually met on Boxing Day through mutual friends. 

We use to walk Bondi to Bronte every morning before work and one day he surprised me and got down on one knee and proposed at Mackenzies point. I was completely surprised and caught off guard! He had all our family waiting at Bills in Bondi to celebrate and had organised for me to take the day off work to celebrate with him. The next day we flew to Fiji to celebrate our engagement. It was a beautiful whirlwind celebration! 


What advice would you give to other couples leading up to their big day?

Enjoy being engaged and the process of planning the wedding – don’t get too caught up on the finer details! 

What was the most expensive thing other than the venue that you had to pay for? 

Catering – we knew we wanted to make that a focus for the day. 


How’d you go about sticking to a budget?

We started a budget very early on and knew what we thought was realistic for each supplier unfortunately sometimes things don’t always go to plan but we prioritised what we thought we couldn’t live without on the day and what was the most important to us. 

You’re engaged! Now what? How did you go about planning the big day? Budget? First steps to take…

For Dave and I it was all about finding the right venue to celebrate with our closest family and friends. We wanted to look at a destination wedding overseas but we knew that this would limit having some of our friends and family attend so we found somewhere closer to home where all our friends could come and join us for the weekend and from there the rest fell into place. 

“Enjoy being engaged and the process of planning the wedding – don’t get too caught up on the finer details! ” 

What was your beauty and fitness prep leading up to the wedding?

For my beauty routine I attended Melanie Grant in Double Bay to help prepare my skin with weekly facials which included light therapy and peels. I started this preparation 6 months before my wedding and started attending more frequently as the day got closer. 

In terms of fitness I used Pilates to help me relax and also get fit. I tired to attend around 4 sessions a week. 

Ceremony song?

Higher Love by James Vincent McMorrow

First Dance? 

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli 


Ceremony: Bells at Killcare

Reception: Bells at Killcare

Cake: Bells at Killcare

Photographer / Videographer:  Justin Aaron 

Celebrant:  Linda Marsden

Dress: Sachin & Babi / Calvin Klein

Shoes: Givenchy / Gucci

Bridesmaid dresses: Hansen & Gretel 

Groom/groomsmen: Hugo Boss & MJ Bale 

Accessories: earrings by Lanvin

Rings: Cartier

Hair & Makeup: Hair –  Montana Brown  & Makeup 0 

Vic Anderson