Kristin Fisher‘s beautiful salon located in Double Bay, NSW

Microblading Eyebrows: Why you ought to get your eyebrows done with the Sydney’s brow queen Kristin Fisher

Meet Kristin Fisher the most sought after brow queen in Sydney. Precision brows are her signature and there is no doubt she practices what she preaches, having the most impeccably groomed brows we’ve seen. Have your brows never fully recovered from the ‘tad pole phase’ seen in the early 2000s, a thick circular bulb that tapered into a thin line? Well I raise my hand to that and unfortunately I am haunted by my teen years every morning when I strenuously fill in those gaps. Need a fix? Enter- Microblading. 

It’s the beauty trend that’s taken off in recent years, with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Australia’s own Jesinta Franklin and Elle Ferguson swearing by it.

Unless you’ve been chilling under a rock lately, you’ve probably heard of microblading, the new-ish, semi-permanent version of eyebrow tattoos. They’re not your grandma’s stamped-on brows; instead, the delicate, super-fine hair strokes look natural and realistic in a way that the first-gen versions never did. 

But there’s no doubt microblading, a form of semi-permanent makeup, has raised a few eyebrows. 

Microblading, feathering, brow tattooing – whatever you want to call it, the last few years have seen a huge surge in the professional long-lasting, brow-filling treatment. 

And while women are flocking to their nearest brow salons and handing over their hard-earned cash to transform their brows from thin and sparse to power brows Cara Delevingne would be jealous of, it must be known that Kristin Fisher is our top go-to. 

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From a humble, little studio in Paddington to a luxe salon with 8 private rooms in Double Bay, Kristin and her team of Brow Artists deliver a bespoke brow service distinctly setting them apart within Beauty industry.

Forever educating herself and steadily building her repertoire, semi-permanent brows became Kristin’s passion and speciality. She delights in the transformational results she has achieved for now thousands of thrilled clients.

Is it a tattoo?

It is essentially a tattoo because we are depositing ink into the skin, however it is completley unlike a traditional body tattoo. We most commmonly use a feather touch technique to create individual hair strokes on the skin. This is performed using a tiny micro blade. We prefer to refer to the treatment as “semi permanent brows”. The word tattoo tends to frighten some clients away from the procedure, and also implies that the results are permanent. A feather touch tattoo is soft and workable, and can be left to fade out naturually or can be refreshed to perfection annually.

What does an initial consultation offer?

A consultation is the first step and a very important part of the process. It gives us a chance to assess your skin type and exisiting brows. We can then start to map out the shape and colour we would recommend. We also take you through the specific pre and after care instructions and just generally work out if this is the best treatment for you. Some clients have come in convinced they need the feather touch treatment, only to show them that a shape and tint can give them the result they’re after!

Who is a good candidate? 

Most people are good candidates, provided they can follow the pre and aftercare correctly! Certain skin types are better suited than others, but we can usually customise the treatment to suit both drier and oilier skinned clients. We don’t perform the treatment on pregnant or breastfeeding clients, and recommend they wait at least 3 months after they’ve had their bub or ceased breastfeeding.  

Why get the procedure done? 

Some clients are simply adding adding fullness and definition to their existing brows, and some are creating a brow from scratch (due to over plucking or medical treatments). The treatment is a semi permanent solution for those of us that depend on brow pencil or powder (most of us!) to fill in our brows. Particularly amazing for when you are on holidays, swimming or exercising. Having a professional design the right shape and colour for you can balance out and compliment your features in a really beautiful way!

Does it hurt?

There is a level of discomfort involved, however your skin is numbed before the tretament begins. This really takes away most of the feeling and allows the treatment to be fairly comfortable.


What’s the down time like? 

After treatment your brows will go on a little bit of a journey! Over the first few days your brows will appear very dark in colour. Once you have your first shower the colour will have started to settle and the tiny flakes should’ve all come away.

You can’t wet your face for 7- 10 days after the treatment so as to keep the area clean and dry. You can’t exercise or excessively sweat for this day period either (so no saunas, swimming etc). After the 5-day mark you will feel comfortable in public, however some people are fine from day 1.

For those of us who want to stick to a tint and wax what products do you swear by? I love the Benefit Brow range! I think creamy pencils are great to achieve a soft and natural look, and gel is a must for keeping unruly hairs neat and in place.

Give us your top 3 tips to creating the perfect brow?

Brow shape is so unique to each individual!

  1. As a general guide, don’t remove any hairs from the body of your brow.
  2. Let an expert help you to achieve the ultimate shape and colour for you.
  3. Be subtle with brow products and keep as close to your natural shape as possible.