Masseria Moroseta

A modern day farm grounded in Puglia, Italy.

“A modernist take on a traditional Puglian masseria which welcomes guests with open arms (and a decent negroni). A communal feel and stylised setting make this the perfect place for sociable design.”

Masseria Moroseta: a white stone farmhouse standing proudly on the ridge with views across the olive trees to the sea. The masseria, set on a five-hectare olive grove, is less than a 10-minute drive from the centre of the hilltop white town of Ostuni. The town’s white roofs can be seen from the masseria to one side, while the other offers views of the Adriatic sea. Be sure to head to the masseria’s rooftop to watch sunset, if only for the colours. The nearest beaches range from two to six miles away.

Built using traditional techniques and local materials, the modern architecture is influenced by masserie (farmhouses) of the past. Set in five hectares of olive groves with trees up to 500 years old, Masseria Moroseta is an enclave of pared-down relaxation and rural simplicity.

As in a traditional farmhouse, everything is set around the central courtyard: the salon and veranda with their views to the sea, the staircase to the roof terrace, and the six rooms and suites on either side, half with private gardens, the other half with private terraces looking out across the fields.

Vaulted ceilings and stone floors keep the inside cool on even the hottest days.

The communal spaces encourage the kinship of community, while providing many intimate nooks for moments of simple solitude, both inside and out, including the living room, the
veranda with its outdoor kitchen and bbq, the spa and gym, and the large pool. Leaving out the marks of time, Masseria Moroseta connects us with the past in a peaceful environment, and grounds us in the traditions of the Puglia countryside.

There are three styles of room, each with a private garden or private terrace with views across the fields.

The design of Masseria Moroseta has been made with extreme care to look after the environment. All materials used in the construction are locally found, as are all the tradesmen. All food and drink are either grown by Masseria or bought from local farmers, producers and artisans.

The dinners in the Masseria are born from the desire to share with their guests the extraordinary riches of the territory in which they find themselves, using local products in a respectful but unconventional way. Every day the chef, Giorgia Eugenia Goggi, invents an ad-hoc menu, starting from a careful selection of the products available in the farm’s vegetable garden, mixing them freely with current techniques, spices and influences. The result is a melting-pot of flavors and aromas, which tells the path that brought Masseria there, mixed with the territory that welcomed them.


The masseria entrance is the only opening in the frontal wall, a stronghold toward “the enemies”, that gives no suggestion as to what is beyond.


Visit their website, call 338 18 99 199 or email for more info and booking.


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