How to style your wedding

You’re going to remember how your wedding day felt, not how it looked. No matter what Pinterest tells you, you don’t plan a wedding based on style choices. You plan it based on reality. Trends in wedding styling tend to stick around for a lot longer than in any other industry. Don’t be concerned about planning far in advance for this one.

If you start planning your wedding from your Pinterest board, it’s not only going to be excessively expensive, it also may not have much to do with your party.

Take a step back. Walk away from your Pinterest App or laptop. Think about what will look good in your space and venue. You need to look at your venue’s decoration restrictions (some venues do not want open flames).  You want to know the secret of really amazing wedding styling? Choosing a design style and sticking to it. Basic, I know. But so many brides have told me they find it hard to bring their styling together. And it’s because they’re trying to do every single idea they see on Pinterest.

Decide on a colour palette. Colour is a great place to start with making your design style your own. I find the easiest approach is to select a set of neutral colours for the base then adding in one or more accent colours. Choose a word, such as ‘whimsical’ or it could be a name of a place you absolutely love, such as ‘Byron’. From there, chose a style, minimal and laidback. How is it laidback? Well I interpret that as muted tones, simplicity and linen table cloths as a basis for the style.

Themes to consider:

  • Classic
  • Vintage
  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Industrial
  • Festival                                                                                           

Bring in textures through fabrics including linen, silk, jute and lace; or materials such as timber, metal, concrete, brick or gold, cooper and silver-plated items.

Focus your energy on thing that people will notice right away and on spaces that are going to be photographed a lot. How many times can you remember what napkins or cutlery someone used at a wedding? The only reason people take notice is if A. They are planning a wedding themselves or B. Have recently had a wedding and are comparing their wedding to yours.

For maximum impact in any set up, simply display objects in groups of odd numbers. Groups of 3 to 5 objects work best.

Vary the heights of the objects, and position in a way to create depth and interest.

Apart from being beautiful, flowers are a great way of bringing in a lot of the styling techniques we’ve discussed. They provide texture; different shades of colours; bouquets have height and depth; and can be arranged in to create visual balance. Along with everything else flowers bring life to a room. It’s all of these reasons why you see flowers used so much.


Images and styling from The Style Co here



  1. Pick a design style
  2. Pick a colour scheme
  3. Create a mood board



Identify Spaces

Your ceremony space may include:

  • an alter
  • a space for your guests to sit
  • a space to sign your paperwork
  • a space for guests to mingle before/after
  • a bar area for refreshments to be served from


Your reception space may include:

  • a space for your reception tables / bridal table
  • a space for your gifts to be placed
  • a space for your cake or desserts to be displayed
  • a bar area for drinks to be served from
  • a lounge area
  • a cocktail area
  • a dancing area
  • a space for your DJ/band to set up
  • or a space for other entertainment (eg: photobooths