Tony Evans Photography


2019 Top 5 Emerging Wedding Photographers in Australasia

About Tony Evans Photography

‘I shot my first wedding in 2012 when my wife’s cousin asked me to get a few shots of their big day. They had a beautiful relaxed, love-filled wedding, with their little toddler crawling all over both of them during the ceremony, and the whole crowd laughing and crying then partying hard. I knew from then that I wanted to keep doing this crazy job. I also knew from then, that it’s all about the people. The little champions running around under people’s legs, the Grandpas in wheelchairs crying at the sight of their granddaughter in her wedding dress, the big bunch of crazy mates all thrilled to see their friends standing up in front of everyone to declare their love. I aim to capture the story of the day. No awkward posey shots. Unobtrusive. Documentary style.’