Collingwood Children’s Farm


Nestled along the banks of the Yarra River, with Yarra Bend Park on one side and the Abbotsford Convent on the other, the Collingwood Children’s Farm’s 7 hectares of beautiful farmland is a secluded world away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, but is unbelievably only 4.5kms from the city.

About Collingwood Children’s Farm

At The Farm Cafe love creating weddings that are personal, meaningful and an authentic reflection of the couple being married.

Collingwood Children’s Farm think the recipe for an awesome wedding is pretty simple: a whole bunch of people who love and support you, some incredible food, good drinks, tunes, and a great atmosphere. A wedding is the best party you’ll ever throw, and they’re there to help make that happen!

We offer three menus to select from from our kitchen. Depending on the style of service, we’ll quote between $82 and $89 for a 3 course menu. This price includes your plates, cutlery, platters, serving ware & a few vintage styling items to go along with it.

You can read about their food here and see sample menus here, (this also explains the cost differences) however for every wedding part of our service is to allow you to make tweaks and changes to suit your event and crowd. They love the creative aspect and they want you to love your menu, not feel like you have to compromise.

They offer three options for your drinks side of things. They have a BYO package at $25 per head, a classic package at $55 per head and a premium at $65 per head. All packages will last you the whole night. Their BYO offers couples the chance to make the bar their own by selecting the alcohol they want to drink. Their beverage packages take the stress out of ordering enough alcohol for every man and his dog for your day. They have crafted a seriously good list of Aussie wines and beers for you to choose from.