Allume Weddings


a group of talented humans based in Australia, Bali and England.

About Allume Weddings

we are allumé.

a specific & carefully curated team selected by joseph willis and lucas & co.

during our experiences over the years we have had the privilege of telling peoples stories through motion and stills all across globe. whilst joey and l&c have been expanding into fresh creative pursuits, they have recognised that they will always have a passion to tell your stories and would like to continue offering wedding services to the standards they have been building for the past seven years.

in light of this, we have gathered a team of great humans, who we trust with our heart, to help carry out the vision we have when it comes capturing your day. we are all consistent and share the same creative vibe. and we’re all so grateful that we get to do what we love.

allumé is all about capturing feel good moments, nothing cheesy about it.