Meet The creative team Food Stories + Mary Lennox

27 March 2019

Two companies coming together, Food Stories and Mary Lennox are creating some of the most magical and creative styling of food and floral installations that we’ve in the world. 

Laura Muthesius and Nora Eisermann, born and based in Berlin are in charge of Food Stories. 

There studio was located in the countryside for a long period- now they have a studio in Berlin. 

Nature is what inspires them most- apple and pear trees, berries, cherries, walnuts, elderberries, fresh herbs and many more things growing in their garden.

They love to share food with other people, family and friends and started a series, Dinner Stories. They have a huge passion for good design and interior too. 

Image via Food Stories website

Photograph by Food Stories

Meet the brains behind the floral displays seen the the images, Mary Lennox. 

She is involved with the flower styling, botanical set design and consultancy. 

Founded by Ruby Barber, Mary Lennox is named after the protagonist of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel The Secret Garden, a story which celebrates the beauty, mystery and rejuvenating qualities of nature. 

This business started in Sydney, Australia. Ruby’s first studio was also found on the corner of Mary and Lennox Streets in Sydney, Australia. The same building housed her father’s first photography studio and her mother’s first art gallery.

Mary Lennox is now located in Berlin. 


“I had to work out how to make those imports work for me,” Barber says. before adding “my apartment is filled with plants”. 

Barber’s first year in Berlin was spent navigating the market and sourcing local growers. She then sent individual bouquets to local bloggers and creatives of whom she wanted to connect. 

 Her boyfriend, who works at the Berlin nightclub Tresor, convinced the owner to allow them to create a garden outside the club. “Now Tresor has our cherry, pomegranate and lemon trees as well as some rose bushes,” she says. “It would be nice if we could inspire people to turn abandoned city plots into flower farms.”

Images Via food Stories & Mary Lennox

Photograph by Lorem Ipsum via Unsplash

“Thats how I like to work as well, collaborating with those who surround us to create something even better” Barber said. 

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