A Magical Wedding Celebration in WA

Real Bride |A Magical Wedding Celebration in WAMelanie & NickHow did the two of you meet?  Nick and I met out, he was at a friends birthday and I was out with some friends. We were having a chat at the bar, and seemed to get along really well. We ended up...

Summer Countryside wedding

Montarna McDonald, the founder of PR firm The Audience Agency, met lawyer Nick Pitt through mutual friends in 2013.

Our Most Like Wedding Dress on Instagram

Tell us.. how did you meet and what was the proposal like?’

We met at work. Josh proposed where we had been for lunch a few times before at a winery in the Hunter Valley. We were alone and went for a walk through the vineyards.

A Quaint Farm Wedding

I’m a very organised person.. like things in order and done straight away. So 2 weeks after the engagement I had everything pre-booked and sorted. And we still had over 1 year to go. Yeah all my friends call me crazy, but that’s how I function.

A Backyard Soiree

What was your beauty and fitness prep leading up to the wedding?

I’m a skin junkie and have worked for Ella Baché in PR and Marketing for years now so having a routine has been drilled into my mind, I stuck to my morning and evening routine of cleanse, twice weekly exfoliating, Serum, moisture protective and eye cream. When I felt my skin needed it I would have LED treatment which left my complexion looking super radiant! My work-outs consisted of Spin Sessions at Scenic Cycle in Manly and lots of Reformer Pilates.