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A Magical Wedding Celebration in WA


& Nick

How did the two of you meet? 

Nick and I met out, he was at a friends birthday and I was out with some friends. We were having a chat at the bar, and seemed to get along really well. We ended up exchanging numbers with plans to catch up the following weekend for brunch, but I ended up cancelling an hour before (oops) as I had a big night prior. I thought I would never hear from him again because it wasn’t very nice of me to cancel at the last minute, but Nick suggested dinner during the week. We caught up for dinner, and it was then that I had a strong inkling that we would end up together. Three years on, and we’re married with a fur baby!

What was the proposal like?

Nick told me he booked a mini staycation for a little getaway to relax and shop before we got our puppy. I wasn’t too surprised as we often went on weekend getaways. On the day he proposed, he was acting a little odd and seemed quite restless so in hindsight I think I did suspect something. That day I purchased a new pair of shoes and the box came with a few envelopes for spare buckles. We went out for dinner and cocktails that night, and when we got back to the hotel there was a bottle of champagne and strawberries. On the top of the bowl, was a red envelope from my shoe box with the words ‘Will you marry me”. I completely missed it initially as I was so tired, so Nick actually had to point out the envelope and when I opened it, the ring fell out. I later found out, that the reason he used the envelope was because he broke the ring box. 


What advice would you give to other couples leading up to their big day?

Enjoy the process – the day will be amazing no matter what! It’s the one day where you and your partner will have everyone you love in one room together and that is what makes the memories. Make sure you and your partner spend as much time together on the actual day – it goes so quickly so take it all in together. We made a pact to stick together as much as we could during the reception so that we could reflect on and share the memories together.

What was the most expensive thing other than the venue that you had to pay for? 

Ambience and food/drink was important to us. Food can make or break an event, so we wanted to invest it that. We opted for a selection of canapes to kick off the reception, as well as seated entrée’s, mains and a big dessert bar. We spent time selecting the menu and considered our guests tastes and made sure we had a good selection of options. Florals and lighting was also expensive, but we wanted our guests to feel like they were somewhere magical and out of the city (even though we were in the heart of it).  


How’d you go about sticking to a budget?

Budgets are a personal choice, and we selected something that we were comfortable with spending. We went a little over our budget, but that being said we picked what was important to us and let ourselves be a little flexible with the spending’s. It’s one day that creates memories to last a lifetime, so we weren’t too fussed. We were also super strict on the guest list and only to invited our closest and dearest family and friends.

You’re engaged! Now what? How did you go about planning the big day? Budget? First steps to take…

I spent a few months thinking about what I wanted the day to look like and how I wanted it to feel for our guests. I looked at Pinterest for ideas and sent these to our wedding planner, Lara White (White Events). If your budget allows, I would recommend getting a wedding planner. We had our wedding in Perth (both of us live in Melbourne) and having Lara organise and plan the whole day took a lot of stress away from us. She also made things run so smoothly and calmed my nerves on the day.

“If your budget allows, I would recommend getting a wedding planner.”

What was your beauty and fitness prep leading up to the wedding?


I had a really good skincare regime and invested in a good range 6 months before our wedding. I also had a number of skin treatments which I started 4 months leading up to the wedding. Nick and I are fairly active people so we just kept our exercise routine up, and tried to limit alcohol as much as we could a few months leading up to the wedding.


Ceremony song?

Canon in D – Pachebel

First Dance? 

XO – John Mayer cover


Ceremony: St Joseph’s Church, Subiaco WA

Reception: The Quarry Amphitheatre, City Beach WA

Planner: Lara White, White Events

Cake: The Cake and I

Photographer / Videographer:  Natasja Kremers

Flowers: Wallflower Studio

Caterer: Ultimo Catering

Celebrant:  Priest

Dress: Karen Willis Holmes

Shoes: Aquazurra

Groom/groomsmen: Tom Ford and Oscar Hunt  

Rings: Kallure’

Hair & Makeup: The Pretty Parlour & Jacqui Bradfield

Music: String Quartet for Ceremony: Dolce Ensembles

Acoustic singer for Reception: Riley Pearce, DJ: Goldbass